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Bunker at Tel Facher_0639Carvings at Banias_0643Carvings at Banias_0646Cave at Banias_0641Chandelier in Tzfat Synagogue_0595Golon Heights_0617Golon Heights_0636Jeep at Tel Facher_0638Jeep tour in Golon Heights_0632Machman followers in Tzfat_0600Mike with the Yemeni baker in Tzfat_0602Synagogue in Tzfat_0603Synagogue in Tzfat_0605Syrian bunkers in Golon Heights_0628Torah cover in Tzfat Synagogue_0588Torah in Tzfat Synagogue_0596View from Golon Heights_0619View from Golon Heights_0622View from Golon Heights_0631View from Tzfat_0608