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Created 26-Mar-10
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Gwyn in the snowGwyn talking on the chair-lift phone and Tammy FREEZINGMartin and Gwyn by Donner Lake 2Martin and Gwyn by Donner LakeMartin and Gwyn cross-country skiing (Saturday)Martin and Gwyn in the blizzardMartin and the mooseMartin gearing-upMartin on the chair-lift phoneMartin, Tammy, and Gwyn in the blizzardMatin on the chair-lift in the blizzardSnow covered trees 2Snow covered treesTammy acting goofy snowshoeing in the blizzardTammy freezing on the chair-liftTammy in the blizzardTammy showshoeing (Saturday)Tammy snowshoeing 2 (Saturday)Tammy snowshoeing 3 (Saturday)Thawing out after snowshoeing