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Herzl's Tomb_1093Yitzhak and Lea Rabin's Grave_1096Israel Day 8_1097Graves at Mount Herzl_1099Headstone at Mount Herzl_1101Graves at Mount Herzl_1106Marker for Garden of the Righteous at Yad Vashem_1108Dead Sea Scrolls Shrine_1109Dead Sea Scrolls Shrine_1114Jerusalem Old City Model_1117Jerusalem Old City Model_1120-Baby Party- Grabber Game with CIGARETTES_1125-Baby Party- Grabber Game with CIGARETTES_1126Maya with our Guide David_1127-2Maya with our Guide David_1132-2The Ladies Sitting on the Couch_1141Herzl's Tomb_1093-2Yitzhak and Lea Rabin's Grave_1096-2Israel Day 8_1097-2Graves at Mount Herzl_1099-2