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Crawling around Eilat Hotel_1366Crawling around Eilat Hotel_1369Crawling around Eilat Hotel_1379Crawling around Eilat Hotel_1380Crawling around Eilat Hotel_1383Crawling around Eilat Hotel_1391Crawling around Eilat Hotel_1393Crawling around Eilat Hotel_1397Crawling around Eilat Hotel_1403Crawling around Eilat Hotel_1405Turtle at Eilat Oceanarium_1429Grandpa gets Eaten by a Shark_1433Maya Feeding the Shark_1437Maya Being Eaten by the Shark_1439Mommy and Maya on the Sea Horse_1444Turtles in the Oceanarium_1451Turtle in the Oceanarium in Eilat_1455Fish in the Oceanarium_1468This Fish was Flirthing with Me at the Oceanarium_1471This Fish was Flirthing with Me at the Oceanarium_1472