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Maya at Caesarea_0497Maya at Caesarea_0499Maya at Caesarea_0511Maya at the Caesarea auqueduct_0523Maya at the Caesarea auqueduct_0533Mike and Gail at the Caesarea auqueduct_0521Overlooking the Caesarea hippodrome_0465Standing with border soldiers at Rosh Hanikra_0585Standing with border soldiers at Rosh Hanikra_0586Walking in the Caesarea hippodrome_0471Walking through Akko_0542Akko coast and ruins_0556Akko coast and ruins_0563Akko coast and ruins_0566Akko coast and ruins_0568Akko courtyard_0553Akko harbor_0551Akko harbor_0552Akko mosque_0541Akko mosque_0547