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View of Jerusalem_0776Beit She'an_0672Beit She'an_0674Beit She'an_0676Beit She'an_0677Beit She'an_0678Beit She'an_0680Beit She'an_0681Beit She'an_0684Beit She'an_0688Beit She'an_0708Beit She'an_0711Beit She'an_0719Beit She'an_0722Evangelicals at Jerusalem Overlook_0774Floor from Heated Bath at Beit She'an_0715Floor from Heated Bath at Beit She'an_0723Kid transport in Kibutz Lavi_0648Maya Ready to Swim at Gan Hashlosha_0729Maya Ready to Swim at Gan Hashlosha_0730