1-Year Anniversary Trip to Yosemite (August 2003)A Day at Stinson Beach (October 19, 2003)Anniversary Picnic (August 10, 2003)Backpacking at Lake Aloha (July 2003)Ben and Tammy's Birthday (September 6, 2003)Ben's trip to NJ and NY (For Work) Heeeeeeey...Fuggedabout it! (January 2003)Birthday Dinner for Both our Moms (February 2, 2003)Birthright Israel Trip (December 2003)Cabo San Lucas (April 2003)Grandpa's 85th Birthday (January 4, 2003)Jonathan's Graduation from College (June 7, 2003)July 4 Potluck (July 3, 2003)Kennedy Grove (February 15, 2003)Las Trampas (February 1, 2003)Maui (June 2003)Monterey (February 2003)Pleasanton Ridge (February 8, 2003)Rosh Hashana (September 26, 2003)Russian River Canoe Trip (June 2003)Skyline to the Sea Backpacking Trip (May 2003)Tammy's Israel Trip (August 2003)Tammy's White Coat Ceremony at UCSF School of Pharmacy (October 17, 2003)Thanksgiving (November 28, 2003)Virgin Megastore Re-opening Party (December 3, 2003)Virgin Mobile Party in New York (April 2003)Wedding Cake Top Dinner (March 23, 2003)Wildcat Canyon (April 20, 2003)Wildcat Canyon (January 11, 2004)Wildcat Canyon (March 1, 2003)Wildcat Canyon (November 24, 2003)