Anniversary trip to Monterey (August 2004)Ben's Trip to New York (May 2004)Cabo San Lucas (March 2004)Camping at Yosemite (September 2004)Dinner at Tammy's Parent's House with Alon and Lisa (September 18, 2004)Fourth of July BBQ (July 5, 2004)Fourth of July Fireworks (July 4, 2004)Kauai (December 2004)Mission Peak (May 16, 2004)Mother's Day Dinner (May 15, 2004)New Orleans (New Years Eve 2004)Passover Dinner Number 1 (April 5, 2004)Passover Dinner Number 2 (April 11, 2004)Pigeon Point Lighthouse and Año Nuevo (January 2004)Point Reyes (July 2004)Snowshoeing at Lake Tahoe with Martin and Gwyn (January 2004)Thanksgiving (November 25, 2004)Virgin Mobile Vegas Party in New Jersey (November 18, 2004)