Arizona for Winter Break (December 2005)Berkeley Botanical Gardens (June 23, 2005)Girls Gone Wild (June 17, 2005)Hanging Out (February 26, 2005)Hiking with Heather and Tim (January 23, 2005)Israel (August, 2005)Jonathan and Flavia's Wedding (July 30, 2005)Labor Day Camping with Ardelle and John (September 2005)Oakland Cemetery (July 7, 2005)Passover Dinner (April 23, 2005)Photo outing at Drawbridges, CA (October 30, 2005)Portland for Alon and Lisa's Reception (September 2005)REI Photo Trip to the Albany Bowl (October 22, 2005)San Francisco Zoo (September 10, 2005)SooCool BBQ at Natural Bridges State Beach (October 23, 2005)Spring Break at Tahoe (March 2005)Thanksgiving (November 24, 2005)Weekend at Mar Vista (July 2005)